Reed Quintet no. 1 ( Reading by Akropolis Reed Quintet )

Reed Quintet no. 1 – Reading by Akropolis Reed Quintet

This piece was written in contradiction to my usual process. Each movement first presented itself as a complete or semi-complete whole before undergoing “composition surgery” and emerging as something similar but uniquely different. The pitch and rhythmic materials, as well as the tempi and relative durations of all three movements were informed by Fibonacci numbers. The use of Fibonacci numbers was most radical in the second movement. Each movement is of a very different character and I hope that you will enjoy getting to know each one.

I. With Light Intensity

II. With Individual Precision

III. With Flowing Movement

The recording provided was recorded in a reading session with the Akropolis Reed Quintet:

Tim Glocklin – Oboe

Kari Landry – Clarinet

Matt Landry – Alto Saxophone

Ryan Reynolds – Bassoon

Andrew Koeppe – Bass Clarinet

Kevin Muldoon – Sound Engineer

Recorded in the Setnor Auditorium at Syracuse University – 2/25/20

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