Reflection no. 2

Reflection no. 2 was composed for the 2020 Cazenovia Counterpoint Festival in Cazenovia, New York. It was premiered at the Rising Stars concert on July 28th, 2020, a program which featured young, award winning performers.

Reflection no. 2 for Flute and Piano is a continuation of the sound world of Reflection no. 1 for piano solo. Like that earlier piece, Reflection no. 2 expresses a predominately lonely character which is interrupted by a brief period of agitation. Perhaps they are two parts of the same piece? The piece was constructed using the four note pitch class set from my first string quartet. This set was then processed as a rotational array to create four unique harmonic configurations related by a central pitch. Such an approach is influenced by the serial music of Igor Stravinsky. The piece also bears some influence from Olivier Messiaen; the opening texture was taken from his piece Le Merle Noir.

Vita Marie Dean – Flute

Sar Shalom Strong – Piano

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