Epipheo Portfolio

Welcome to my website. This page serves as my portfolio for my application to Epipheo. I have showcased a number of projects that span several musical worlds both academic and commercial. I provide access to recordings and brief descriptions on this page. Clicking on the link to individual works will lead to that piece’s individual page with more complete information.

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Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes (2019 – 2020):

The 40-minute audio/visual work Ritual no. 1 was my capstone project as a Masters student at Syracuse University. I composed, performed, and recorded the entire project myself. In five movements the piece explores a wide variety of influences including American Experimentalism, Hindustani Raga, and the Grateful Dead.

Ritual no. 2: and the Angels Continued (2020 – 2021):

Ritual no. 2 was a collaboration with the Syracuse University Singers, Percussion Studio, Sound Recording Technology Department, and Sensational Events (Video). It is an experimental spatial composition that expands on the concept of Ritual no. 1. It is included as an example of my experiences as a member of a team.

Kamichu! Clip (Music, Sound and Film Final Project) (2018):

This was my final project for the Music, Sound, and Film course at University of the Pacific. I recorded all of the audio for this clip from the anime series Kamichu! This clip is used with fair use for educational purposes, and is included here as an example of my academic training in the area of commercial composition for video.

Tears (A Setting of Text by Allen Ginsberg) (2021):

This is the premiere recording of my setting of Allen Ginsberg’s poem Tears. The piece uses rapid juxtaposition of musical materials that augment the juxtaposition of images in the text. It features Dora Ammerman, Soprano and Sar Shalom Strong, Piano as performers at the 2021 Cazenovia Counterpoint festival.

Electric Dreamscape no. 2 (2021):

Electric Dreamscape no. 2 is a semi-improvisatory audio/visual work for trumpet and computer. I composed, performed, and recorded this work myself and include it here as an example of my skills on the trumpet.

For Béla (2020):

For Béla is an orchestral work realized using the East/West sample library. I crafted the score in Sibelius and created this orchestral mock-up in Reaper.

Music for Entertainment Playlist:

This is a playlist of popular songs that I created to showcase my abilities as a solo entertainer. Epipheo needs a composer that can traverse a diverse range of styles. Thus, I include this playlist as proof of my abilities in folk, country, and rock music.