Evoked Response Playlist

Welcome to my website. Here I have curated a playlist of five tracks that illustrate a range of my musical output. These pieces all contain substantial sections of meditative and contemplative music. I will embed each piece on this page. Clicking on the title of the piece will take you to the full page for the piece should you wish for more information. More recent works are listed first: the list is essentially chronological except that the largest piece, Ritual no. 1, is listed first.

  1. Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes (2019-2020)
Ritual no. 1 is a 45-minute audio visual piece in 5 movements. It is specifically designed to help the listener enter a “ritualistic” state of consciousness and focuses on slowly evolving musical textures. Each movement is in a very different style. The first movement is very meditative and contemplative.

2. Tetraktys in Neon (2021)

Tetraktys in Neon is an interactive audio/visual work for MIDI-Piano and Voice. The piece explores the Pythagorean symbol of the Tetraktys. The section that begins at the 7-minute mark is particularly meditative.

3. Probably Blue (2020)

Probably Blue is an electronic music composition that explores the use of probabilities to effect musical parameters such as note duration, delay time, and timbre.

4. Generative Meditation (2019)

Generative Mediation is an ever-evolving sound installation that is designed to help the listener reflect on the transient nature of time and human life. It features a drone in an imperceptible state of flux with generative electronic melodies and improvisatory chant.

5. Ritual Dance in a Buchlidian Temple (2019)

Ritual Dance in a Buchlidian Temple is a semi-improvisatory composition for Buchla analog synthesizer. It is essentially one continuous idea that slowly evolves from beginning to end.