Fractured Memories no. 1

The following address was given at the premiere showing of the work:

“Hello, my name is Kevin Swenson, and I am the composer of Fractured Memories no. 1, the audio/visual piece that you are about to experience. The work unfolds in three distinct sections: the first is comprised of a driving scene from Marysville. over the 10th street bridge. and into Yuba City. The music is inspired by Anton Webern’s Concerto for 9 Instruments. The second section is comprised of a static shot taken on the Feather River, with music inspired by the harmonic stasis of La Monte Young. In the third section, the previous footage is reversed and projected onto an audio-reactive particle field. The previous music is also heard in a highly fragmented form, inspired by the third movement of Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia. In this way, the work seeks to challenge the witness’s memory: can you find through-lines despite the intense fracturing that ensues?”

Fractured Memories no. 1 was premiered at the “Look at Us, Yuba Sutter” Film Festival on October 2, 2021 in the Sutter Theatre for the Performing Arts in Yuba City California.

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