LifeScore Portfolio

Greetings and welcome to my website. I have made this page specifically for my application to the open position of Associate Composer at LifeScore Audio. I have selected five pieces pieces from my existing repertoire that I believe demonstrate my skills in orchestration, synthesis, performance and production. The five pieces are listed on this “LifeScore home-page” as links to the specific page for each piece respectively. I have included very brief descriptions of each piece on this page that aim to illustrate the reasons that these works specifically and the strengths that I feel they demonstrate. Please feel free to browse the rest of my website and to reach out with any questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by.

1. Ritual no. 2: And the Angels Continued (2020-2021)

Ritual no. 2 is a highly collaborative work for 34 Voice Choir, Four Mallet Percussionists and Electronic assistance. It explores the juxtaposition of 12 tone equal temperament with 13-limit just intonation, and serially composed materials with aleatoric materials. I produced the final version of the video in DaVinci resolve with lots of help from the audio/visual team. All performers and engineers are credited on the page for the piece.

2. Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes (2019-2020)

Ritual no. 1 is the capstone project from my master’s studies at SU. In five movements, each with a different tuning system, it explores a wide range of emotions, styles and textures. I am the vocalist throughout and also engineered the recordings of every instrumental sample heard throughout the piece. It explores generative music, interactive music, Hindustani concepts of form, and “drone consciousness” in the spirit of La Monte Young.

3. Electric Dreamscape no. 2 (2021)

Electric Dreamscape no. 2 is a semi-improvisatory interactive audio/visual work for trumpet and computer. I performed the piece myself in addition to engineering the recording and editing the video.

4. Nothing but the Blood (2021)

Nothing but the Blood is a fixed media work crafted in Reaper, my DAW of choice. Most of the sounds were produced in Max/MSP and then brought in to Reaper where they were sequenced into a unique composition. This piece demonstrates my skills with rapid juxtaposition of musical materials and a variety of synthesis techniques including FM and Granular.

5. For Béla (Composed in 2019, Mock-Up in Produced 2020)

For Béla is an orchestral work for which I produced a mock-up recording in Reaper using the East/West sample library. It demonstrates my facility with the orchestra as an ensemble, as well as the individual choirs and instruments themselves.