Jesus in the Shade of the Bodhi Tree

This piece was recorded in the Owen Hall Recording Studio in the Spring of 2019. A plethora of instrumental techniques were captured spanning all of the orchestral families. After tracking was completed, samples were chosen from the recorded materials and sequenced to form a linear composition. In the piece the recording studio becomes a vehicle for orchestration.

An in depth essay about the piece’s conception, recording, and composition is available on the writings page.


Andrew Lu – Flute

Alelih Galvadores – Oboe

Scott Pastor – Clarinet

Arturo Garcia – Bass Clarinet

Mitchell Beck – Tenor Saxophone

Sam Berris – Bassoon

Braydon Ross – French Horn

Thomas Hubel – Trumpet

Felix Contreras Diaz – Trombone

Robert Huntington – Tuba

Tyler Golding – Glockenspiel, Crotales, Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone, and Timpani

Micah Vogel – Violin

Krista Swenson – Viola

Malcolm King – Cello

Antonio Sarzi – Contrabass

Kevin Swenson – Voice and Piano

Recording Engineered and Produced by Kevin Swenson

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