Tears – A setting of Text by Allen Ginsberg

When I was a teenager my father, perhaps to his regret, introduced me to the writings of the so-called “beat generation” authors. I quickly developed a fascination and admiration for their work. The text for this piece, Tears, is a 1956 poem by Allen Ginsberg. I found the poem to be extremely evocative for a… Continue reading Tears – A setting of Text by Allen Ginsberg

Ritual no. 2 (and the Angels Continued)

In lieu of “program notes” I present the following text from the address that I gave for the premiere of this work. The premiere took place during the April 25, 2021 Music and Message Concert in Syracuse University’s Hendricks Chapel. The video currently hosted here is the premiere version from that event. “Walking in from… Continue reading Ritual no. 2 (and the Angels Continued)

Electric Dreamscape no. 2

Electric Dreamscape no. 2 is an interactive audio/visual composition for solo Trumpet and Live Electronics. Heavily influenced by the concept of “moment form” in the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Electric Dreamscape no. 2 contains three “Primary Moment Groups.” Each moment group contains three “models” upon which the player bases an improvisatory performance. The structure of… Continue reading Electric Dreamscape no. 2

Tetraktys in Neon

Tetraktys in Neon, for just-intonation MIDI Piano, Voice and Computer is an audio/visual work set in a 3-limit just-intonation environment. The piece was inspired by the Pythagorean symbol of the Tetraktys – a triangular figure constructed with four rows of dots, as seen at the beginning and end of the work. In short, the Tetraktys… Continue reading Tetraktys in Neon

Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes

Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes is a 5 movement audio/visual composition for computer and a human soloist. The piece begins in 3-limit just intonation and gradually adds prime numbers with each movement, finally ending in 13-limit just intonation. Originally conceived as a purely musical work, Ritual no. 1 was composed from October of… Continue reading Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes

Reflection no. 2

Reflection no. 2 was composed for the 2020 Cazenovia Counterpoint Festival in Cazenovia, New York. It was premiered at the Rising Stars concert on July 28th, 2020, a program which featured young, award winning performers. Reflection no. 2 for Flute and Piano is a continuation of the sound world of Reflection no. 1 for piano… Continue reading Reflection no. 2

The Body Where I Was Born

This is an interactive piece for trumpet solo or duet and computer (Max/MSP) in 11-limit just intonation. The live performer(s) play improvisatory material governed by a performance algorithm. By means of a frequency follower the live performers can trigger samples stored in the computer which were recorded by Professor Leonard Ott in the Owen Hall… Continue reading The Body Where I Was Born

Generative Meditation

This piece is a sound installation in Max/MSP that features a drone in an imperceptible state of flux. The drone is made up of the first sixteen harmonics of the overtone series. The fundamental frequency of the overtone series is calculated using the following algorithm: The algorithm which calculates the fundamental takes the year/100, the… Continue reading Generative Meditation