Here I will be posting essays and other critical writing regarding composition and music in general. Click on the title of the essay you wish to read and it will take you to a PDF of the paper.

4) Lord of the Ring Modulators – Stockhausen’s Mikrophonie II

An analysis of Mikrophonie II be Karlheinz Stockhausen.

3) Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes – Complete Performance Guide

The official performance guide for Ritual no. 1: Ascension of the Primes.

2) Jesus in the Shade of the Bodhi Tree

This paper describes the conception, recording and composition of my studio piece Jesus in the Shade of the Bodhi Tree. A complete list of instruments and the techniques captured for the project are included in addition to a formal analysis.

1) A Tempered Rebellion

A satirical stream of consciousness poem ranting about 12-tone equal temperament and calling for a move towards just-intonation.