Movements (for Clarinet and Live Electronics)

The premiere performance by Jacob Wolf at the Splice Institute on July 1, 2023, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Lately, it seems that every third piece I compose feels like pulling teeth. For reasons that (mostly) have nothing to do with the work itself, Movements (for Clarinet and Live Electronics) is one of those pieces. Whatever dramas may have unfolded between April and May, I will give some dry information about the piece.

Movements (for Clarinet and Live Electronics) is comprised of a series of four short movements. The first three are fully notated; the fourth is improvisatory. Each movement was constructed using a pitch-class set derived from the name “Jacob Wolf”, the performer for whom this piece is composed. The Bach library for Max/MSP was used to create the original sketches, which then underwent “composition surgery” in Sibelius. These four movements were then brought back into Max/MSP where the score is displayed in time with the live signal processing.

Jacob Wolf – Clarinet

Becky Brown – Engineer

Kevin Swenson – Producer

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