Presence – A Sibling to the Generative Meditation

In the Winter of 2018/2019 I began work on an installation project known as the Generative Meditation. A drone based work realized in in Max/MSP, the basic concept of the patch was to calculate a fundamental frequency based on the current time and date. Days of the week were represented with just-intonation scales that included… Continue reading Presence – A Sibling to the Generative Meditation

Nothing but the Blood

Nothing but the Blood is a fixed media piece that relies heavily on the hymn of the same name both musically and symbolically. The piece unfolds in three distinct locations: an industrial and highly electronic opening, a natural interior, and a concert with narration. The music in this final location is heavily influenced by the… Continue reading Nothing but the Blood

Electric Dreamscape no. 2

Electric Dreamscape no. 2 is an interactive audio/visual composition for solo Trumpet and Live Electronics. Heavily influenced by the concept of “moment form” in the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Electric Dreamscape no. 2 contains three “Primary Moment Groups.” Each moment group contains three “models” upon which the player bases an improvisatory performance. The structure of… Continue reading Electric Dreamscape no. 2

Probably Blue

Probably Blue is a fixed media work realized in Max/MSP. It is written in 7-limit just intonation and is comprised of 3 overlapping timbral layers: an FM synthesis ostinato, filtered cello drones, and delayed trumpet samples with ring modulation. Multiple parameters of the FM and trumpet sounds are governed using probabilities including spatial placement, inharmonicity… Continue reading Probably Blue

The Body Where I Was Born

This is an interactive piece for trumpet solo or duet and computer (Max/MSP) in 11-limit just intonation. The live performer(s) play improvisatory material governed by a performance algorithm. By means of a frequency follower the live performers can trigger samples stored in the computer which were recorded by Professor Leonard Ott in the Owen Hall… Continue reading The Body Where I Was Born