Electric Dreamscape no. 3

The premiere recording featuring Matt Mason (Piano) at the University of Iowa on May 3rd, 2023

In this piece I am beginning to explore generative musical forms. I wrote 25 fragments of music using a pitch-class set derived from the name Matt Mason, the performer for whom this work is composed. These 25 fragments are separated into five “primary moment groups”. Each moment group contains five fragments respectively, and the fragments… Continue reading Electric Dreamscape no. 3

Dialogues (an Interactive Sound Installation for Disklavier Piano)

A combination of short clips from two days of running the installation in the Lobby of the Voxman Music Building at the University of Iowa.

Dialogues is an interactive sound installation centered around a Yamaha Diskalvier piano that is controlled by Max/MSP. During an installation, users are allowed to play the Disklavier. A computer, connected to the Diskalvier with a MIDI to USB converter, analyzes the performance and then plays along using the data collected from the preceding user interaction.… Continue reading Dialogues (an Interactive Sound Installation for Disklavier Piano)