Dialogues (an Interactive Sound Installation for Disklavier Piano)

A combination of short clips from two days of running the installation in the Lobby of the Voxman Music Building at the University of Iowa.

Dialogues is an interactive sound installation centered around a Yamaha Diskalvier piano that is controlled by Max/MSP. During an installation, users are allowed to play the Disklavier. A computer, connected to the Diskalvier with a MIDI to USB converter, analyzes the performance and then plays along using the data collected from the preceding user interaction.… Continue reading Dialogues (an Interactive Sound Installation for Disklavier Piano)

Fractured Memories no. 1

The following address was given at the premiere showing of the work: “Hello, my name is Kevin Swenson, and I am the composer of Fractured Memories no. 1, the audio/visual piece that you are about to experience. The work unfolds in three distinct sections: the first is comprised of a driving scene from Marysville. over… Continue reading Fractured Memories no. 1